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Volodymyr Tarabanov (born 1962) is the original Ukrainian oil painting artist currently living and performing in Ontario, Canada.

The sincere approach to capturing the beauty of an everyday moment and the highest grace of representational technique attained in traditional genres won him the endearment of the figurative art esthetes around the world.

Born 1962, Nikolaev, Ukraine. Graduated from the art-graphic faculty of the Odessa National University. Working as a professional painting artist since 1979. Founder and owner of Volodymyr Tarabanov Art Gallery in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Married, father of 2 kids.

List of exhibitions:

1994 - State Art Exhibition. Mykolaiv
1995 - Personal exhibition in Germany. Schwabesch-Gmund.
1999 - State Art Exhibition. Kiev
2000 - State Art Exhibition. Khmelnicky
2000 - International exhibition-bienale 'Marina-2000'. Odessa
2000 - State Art Exhibition '2000 years of Christ'. Kiev
2000 - Personal exhibition in V. Vereshagin Art Museum. Mykolaiv
2001 - State Art Exhibition. Ivano-Frankivsk
2001 - State Art Exhibition. Kiev

2001 - Personal exhibition 'Labirynth of Reflections'. Odessa
2002 - Personal exhibition. Mykolaiv
2002 - State Art Exhibition. Kiev
2002 - State Art Exhibition. Donetsk
2004 - Personal exhibition 'Generation Joints'. Mykolaiv
2005 - State Art Exhibition. Kirovograd
2006 - Personal exhibition 'Here & Now'. Mykolaiv
2007 - Exhibition 'Painters To The City'. Mykolaiv
2008 - Exhibition 'A Day of the City'. Mykolaiv

2009 - Exhibition '220 Years of Mykolaiv'. Mykolaiv

2010 - Exhibition 'Breath of Spring'. Mykolaiv

2011 - Exhibition 'Rule the Spring'. 'Mykolaiv

2012 - Exhibition 'Inspiration'. V. Vereshagin Art Museum, Mykolaiv

2013 - Exhibition 'With Love'. Art Gallery of Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant. Mykolaiv

2013-2019 - Permanent exhibition at Volodymyr Tarabanov Art Gallery. Mykolaiv

2020 - Personal exhibition "Color code". Mykolaiv

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